Sunday, September 19, 2010

suke ayat nieh....

suke bace ayat nieh...ak amik kat mmberku...cik eira rose...(^_^)

u thought wrong :)

Now that you are out of my life,

I'm so much better better n better..

You thought that I'd be weak without ya,

But I'm stronger.~ well yeah.

You thought that I'd be broke without ya,

But I'm richer than u (at least)

You thought that I'd be sad without ya,

I laugh harder :D

You thought I wouldn't grow without ya,

Now I'm wiser.

You thought that I'd be helpless without ya,

But I'm smarter.. ;)

You thought that I'd be stressed without ya,

But I'm chilling.. ;D

Thought I couldn't breathe without you,

I'm inhaling~~ouh ouh

You thought I couldn't see without you,

Perfect vision okay.. :)

You thought I couldn't last without ya,

But I'm lasting..hee!

You thought that I would die without ya,

Haha..see! I'm living..

Thought that I would fail without ya,

But I'm always on top!

Though it would be over by now,

But it won't stop,

You thought that I would self-destruct,

But I'm still here,

Even in my years to come,

I'm still gonna be here.

~ i do love this poem bcuz it always make me stronger reading it.

~ lots of love,eira rose

besh sgt..ayat2 yg mendalam..